Mt. Hood

Haven’t posted any new content lately, as many of you know things changed for me pretty drastically a few weeks ago, and I’ve just been too busy to get out with the camera. That being said, I’m in a beautiful part of our country temporarily, and I’ll be clicking the shutter like crazy in the coming months.

Other than the bald skies, I kinda like this one. I’m waiting on my camera to arrive, and I’m using a borrowed point and shoot at the moment. Everyone says that the camera doesn’t matter, and they’re correct… to an extent. I’m loving the compactness of this point and shoot, but it can be limiting at times. Oh well, at least I’m in a beautiful area and I’m still taking pictures. I’m planning on revisiting this site that we found today in the near future, and I’ll be sure to post those photos (assuming I get anything worth posting!).


Mt. Hood

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