UP Trip Pics!

Ok, as you probably know I accompanied my buddy John up to the UP over Easter weekend to visit an old buddy of ours and his wife. I’ve got a couple shots up on this site from my trip to attend their wedding last June, and knew that in addition to visiting them, I’d love to get out with the camera and create some new content for this site.

I’ve always loved visiting Michigan’s Upper, and this trip did not disappoint. Before this excursion I had never been to the Keweenaw peninsula, nor into the Porcupine Mountains. I tried to do the beauty of this area justice with my pictures in the few short days I had there, and I know that I will venture back one day soon to see even more.

Please don’t fret, I promise this won’t be a boring “facebookish” travel album… As my tour-guide and our driver (just kidding, thanks you guys!) for the weekend kept ribbing me about, I was out to capture photographs and not to take snapshots… I’ll try to not bore you…but only try… I’m gonna post images as I finish editing, and they’ll work their way into my existing galleries at that time.

I’d also like to just take a quick second to thank everyone for the feedback you’re giving me, and to thank you for coming back and checking out my pictures so often. It’s been a huge motivation for me and has pushed me to create new images, and to see new things.

I’m only gonna throw in a few quick stories of our exploits on this adventure on my site, if you’d like to read more about our travels check out John’s blog at http://wanderlustandadventurebound.wordpress.com/. He’ll have some amusing stories in the coming days (probably as soon as his photographer gets off his lazy ass and sends him images). He also writes better than I do, so his keyboard-mashing will be more worth your while.

These first two images are from the drive up. We stopped at the Mackinac bridge at roughly 3:30 am to see if anything worthwhile would come of it, and I think we lucked out. I had the shutter open for a while in both of these, and used an upside down graduated neutral density filter to try and tame the light coming from the bridge as to get some star detail. I like the mini star trails in the images due to the long exposure, and I might have to explore this shot more in the future to capture a full star trail, we just didn’t have time this trip.

After that long-winded spiel, finally the reason you visited:

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge

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