Decided that rather than leaving all of my pictures hidden on hard drives, I’d create this space to share them. Chances are if you found this blog, you already know me, so I won’t waste any more of your time reading this about me page! Thanks for visiting! If you happen to see a photo you like, contact me and we can work out ordering you a print.


7 thoughts on “About/Ordering

  1. Great photos Casey! I will keep checking back to see what’s new. BTW – Would you like to try some portraits – Like Mike’s Senior Pictures this summer??

    • Possibly, I’ve never really done a true portrait session, I’d hate to screw something like that up for you guys. I’m sure we could get a few decent photos but a studio would breeze through it. It’s up to you guys.

  2. Finally read your home page lol. So I really love the pine cone, birch trees, and the bridge. Can I get a 5×7 (signed of course) of all three??? Could you do the bridge in b/w (how would that look with the other two??). Excellent work!

  3. You are quite a photographer! I really enjoyed looking at all your photographs, but I have to say the wildlife ones are my favorites because I like birds and animals. Thank you for sharing even though this is your storage place. (smiles)

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