Slowscape over Lake Superior

Ok, I’ve started using a new technique to get a different look to my images. I wish I had done this in FL, as I missed some great opportunities for this while I was down there. This is a long-ish exposure made during mid-morning light by using a specialty filter and timing equipment on my camera. I plan on making alot more of these in the future, as I really like the results. The title of this post was not a typo, and as I get enough of these images to warrant their own page, I’ll be labeling it “Slowscapes”, a mixture of slow and landscape. I’m not sure if anyone else is using this terminology, but I like it, and I’m going to use it. Please let me know if you like the image in the comments.

Notice how in this image the clouds appear to be streaking across the sky? That’s because as the shutter was open, the winds aloft were pushing the clouds along. Also, notice how the water of Superior looks almost as flat as glass. This morning was pretty calm, so Lake Superior was fairly calm (as far as Superior goes…) Notice how in the lower left corner of the image you can see rocks on the bottom of the  lake, these were not visible in “standard” photographs as the ripples on the surface obscured them. All of this was captured in camera, and I didn’t do anything special in post, this image got the same treatment as all of the others. Once again, thanks for viewing my page, and I appreciate your feedback!

Lake Superior Ice After a Snowstorm

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