Union Bay Sunrise

After our unplanned stop 7 miles before The Lake of the Clouds, we trekked back in to see Lake Superior at sunrise. The little bay we were in is called Union Bay, and it turned out to be a very scenic place. The ice formation you see is created by waves beating against the shore, and over time they freeze into these huge ice mounds. I’m not kidding when I say that on top of some of these we were 15ft above the surface of the water. Sure, you could stand up in the water, it was probably only waist high in most places. However, for as far as the eye could see, these blocks of ice covered the coastline, and there would be no way out of the water. Slipping into the lake would not end well for you. Hypothermia would set in very quickly in Lake Superior this time of year… On a more pleasant note, the ice area was ruggedly beautiful. Do yourself a favor, and go visit Michigan’s UP. Until then, just imagine yourself in my snowshoes, sitting on top of a frozen wave, watching the sun come up as the snow clouds float away.Clearing Snowstorm over Lake Superior

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