Again… Mackinac Bridge!

It just wouldn’t be a trip to the U.P. without stopping to photograph the bridge! I spent the night in St. Ignace earlier this week after visiting Mackinac Island with Courtney, a set of Grandparents, and my cousin Derek. Had a great day on the island, and was treated to this view of the bridge looking south that night at about 8:30. This was a 45 second exposure that really smoothed out the choppy water, and let the yellow/gold glow of the retreating sun soak into the sensor. This was taken with my 35mm f1.8 Nikkor that I truly don’t use as much as I should, the files from it are very crisp and clean. I used it several times on this trip to good effect, and I’ll try to do so more in the future. Thanks for visiting! I’ll post a few more pictures shortly!

Mackinac Bridge Sunset Slowscape

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