Blue Sky!

So, Courtney and I took the dog for a walk, and I drug along the camera. I was hoping to try out a new neutral density filter that  I made (out of a welding lens…).  I was going to post the results here, however, I didn’t like the composition of the shot and it’s definitely not worth posting. I’m still experimenting with this new technique, and hope to have some publishable results very soon!

I was able to do some more testing with a new gizmo I picked up for my camera in preparation for my upcoming trip to Houghton, MI in the upper peninsula. I’m happy to report that the doo-dad is working fantastic, couldn’t be happier! In the few short days that I’ve owned it, it has allowed me to do some things with my camera that weren’t even close to possible before.

But, since this isn’t supposed to be a “blog”… Here’s a quick grab-shot of the first blue sky we’ve had around here in what feels like months.


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