What do you think?

Ok, you probably know that I do a bit of post processing work on all of my images. Truly, it’s not much more than the camera would do automatically if I shot Jpegs instead of Nikon’s NEF Raw format. I like to do it in post on my computer because I have more control over each individual image, rather than a blanket setting that the camera would apply to all images. I occasionally remove things like stray tree branches or a telephone pole, but I do my best when framing the photo in camera to avoid including these distractions in the photo. This photo, however, is the first time I’ve ever intentionally added something to a photo that wasn’t there in real life. It would be impossible to capture the light from this lighthouse during this time of day, but I think it adds something to the photo. I can’t take credit for the technique either, I borrowed it from a professional photographer that I like to follow. Once again, let me know what you think in the poll!

Eagle Harbor Light at Sunset

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