Swans in the St. Clair River

Swan in the Ice

Was able to get back out with the camera this afternoon, and was able to get some glass on a group of Mute Swans in the St. Clair River. Took a few minutes for them to get used to me being there, but they soon got back to preening and eating. These swans, and most birds/wildlife in general, really don’t like you approaching them quickly and head on. If you’d like to try this, take your time, move slowly, and let them get used to you being there. If they stop doing whatever it is that they are doing to stare at you, you’re moving too quickly, and they’re about to leave. With this group, I’d move slowly towards the waters edge at an oblique angle to the flock, sit down every few feet, and take a few pictures. They quickly began to ignore me, and kept about their business. By approaching this way, you can eventually get very close to the wildlife without spooking them away from their food source. Everybody wins.

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