U.P. Waterfalls

Here are just 3 of the many waterfalls located in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. These ones are all very easy to access, and this late in the fall the crowds are thin and the colors are starting to show. Use a polarizing filter to capture rich colors and a tripod to allow a slower shutter speed to blur the water. I’ll do a follow up post within the next couple of days with examples showing why you absolutely have to have a polarizing filter in your bag.

Miners FallsMiners Beach FallsMunising FallsSable Falls

Simple Sunset

I’m still trickling through images from my UP trip last weekend. Slowly editing and uploading when I have the time and desire. This is one of my favorite images taken during the sunset that night, just simple colors. We had overcast skies and rainy weather for most of our trip. That worked out great for some waterfall images I took (coming soon!) but for everything else they weren’t so great. Fortunately, on this night, we camped at 12 Mile Beach Campground, and this view was maybe 50ft from our campfire! I took some images of the sun setting and included some coastline in the shot, but at one point I looked straight out over the water and saw these clouds being side-lit and the sliver of color on the horizon. I noticed that the sunlight was skimming the surface of the water and would illuminate the spray coming off the top of the waves in the same pink light, so it was just a matter of getting the timing right! I have some with large, crashing waves included and alot of pink mist, but I just like how simple this one is. Tech tip for a shot like this – set your white balance setting to something on the blue end of the spectrum, the sun provided enough pink glow to overpower the blue, but the color contrast (in my opinion) is what makes this photo. Lake Superior Sunset Red Vs. Blue

Wreck of the Gale Staples

The remnants of this steamship, the Gale Staples, are located just a few hundred yards down the beach from the Au Sable light station. This ship was lost here in 1918 in a Lake Superior storm. Now, 96 years later, this is what remains. Interesting note, this ship was built in Marine City, MI. Not far at all from where I live. Wreck of the Gale Staples

Took a break

Haven’t posted anything new on here in a few weeks, however that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out with the camera. Sat down today and edited some photos, here are just a few I sprinkled into all the galleries today.  Port Huron BW 2 Fisherman at Sunrise

Blue Angels – Selfridge Air Show

Added a handful of more images today from last weekend. Still not done editing, and haven’t even touched any of the other performers yet. More to come. Haze6

Black and White

Still working on editing Blue Angels images from last weekend, but shot this a few days ago and liked it enough to share it hereB&W Dock

Blue Angels

Edited a handful of more shots tonight, plenty more to add in the next few days.


Selfridge ANG Open House

Blue Angels! I’m gonna need some time to sort/edit all the photos from today’s air show. For now, I’ll just leave this one here…

6 in Formation

Updated The Website… again

Changed the color scheme up a bit, added a handful of pictures, and updated all of the galleries as I had been neglecting that. Thanks for stopping by!

James L. Oberstar

American Spirit

Later the same night that I took the image for the last post of the Roger Blough, I caught the American Spirit headed north during the “Blue Hour”. Big, dramatic skies in this one again. If you haven’t noticed from all of my other images, I seem to like clouds. They definitely add an element to an image that wouldn’t be there during a day with bald, blue skies, or on an overcast day. If you look closely, down at the waterline about 3/4 of the way down the ship you can see two kayaks out for an evening paddle. Provides a sense of scale when they are that close to this 1000′ freighter.

American Spirit evening storm